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BeMine.club has been in development since 2017, however, predicting a deep correction of Bitcoin and the main cryptocurrencies, we decided to wait out the fall. Then, in the second half of 2017, the price for one ASIC miner reached 350,000 rubles (5,200USD). Pretty soon it became clear that with such prices, mining would quickly cease to be such a liquid business. We waited and worked for a whole year, until finally the cryptocurrency market stabilized. Nowadays, obtaining cryptocurrency is still extremely profitable and a very stable field, which is why we are entering this market with new forces and ideas.

BeMine.club is a service that unites Russian data centers, as well as miners and citizens who want to get cryptocurrency around the world. Miners are invited to place their equipment in data centers, and users to purchase and place mining equipment at the current price, without the need for independent purchase, transportation, installation, configuration and maintenance of equipment. We offer various conditions for the purchase and maintenance of mining equipment, depending on the wishes and capabilities of the prospective client. At the moment, we are a young but rapidly developing organization that provides, along with the hosting of the miners, a full range of services in the field of cryptocurrency:

- Buy / Sell / Exchange cryptocurrency
- Consulting services in the use and investment in cryptocurrency
- Provision of legal services related and non-cryptocurrency, E-commerce, ICO, business registration (including financial and cryptocurrency) within and outside the Russian Federation
- Our founders are partners of leading Russian universities in the field of educational and training activities in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain
- Development of distributed software, documentation for your distributed project, etc.
- Purchase and sale of new and used mining equipment
- Admission of cryptocurrency in trust

Our team of blockchain enthusiasts has been working together since 2016, while the BeMine.club project was launched in January 2019 and, today, it is our youngest project.

It could not be easier!

All that is required from the user is to pay for the equipment and electricity. All work is carried out by the service administration and service partners. Work has long been organized and promask or overlap simply can not be. Our partners are the largest mining organizations in the Russian Federation, our suppliers have been in business for a long time.

As soon as we receive your payment, your equipment will appear in your personal account and will expect to install and pay for electricity. You will start to mine cryptocurrency continuously and permanently, and the amount of funds obtained will be displayed in your personal account and is ready for withdrawal to a bank card or bitcoin wallet at any time convenient for you.

In the conditions of such an unstable market as a cryptocurrency, the only right decision in matters of risk diversification can be the use of proven and reliable tools. Mining Bitcoin on ASIC, today, one of these. We certainly believe in the future of cryptocurrency, as an industry, but we try to offer only the most reliable opportunities to make money. At the same time, we do not exclude that in the future the possibilities on our website will be expanded in favor of mining altcoins and farms on the GPU.

We do! As much as we can!

Our equipment is no different from what we provide to our users. However, we have very big plans for the cryptocurrency industry (see our Roadmap), and we, like any team of entrepreneurs, need external investments. When it turned out that we are able to provide electricity to our customers is much cheaper than the average market values for legal entities in the Russian Federation, then the idea aappeared. Why not sharing these opportunities with those who started mining "expensive" and now needs to save their mining potential. Also, since the majority of the team is blockchain - evangelists, we see our goal as popularisation the blockchain and cryptocurrencies in Russia, popularise mining as an earning tool, and, most importantly, to distribute Bitcoin mining as a basis for payment means. The more nodes - the stronger the network.

For reasons of preserving the security of the capacity of our users, we do not declare the location of data centers. However, in case of objective claims related to the state of user capacity, we issue addresses and all data of the organization hosting the mining equipment, to send the above claims. To date, all our facilities are located in the Russian Federation.

Of course! It is YOURS!

We will send your equipment and terminate the contract with you if you so desire, however, pay attention to the fact that electricity will need to be paid for the first and the last months of hosting. Upon the expiration of this period, we will send you ASICs!

And again - YES! This equipment is none other than yours. We can offer you a resale of your machines at market value. Price may be slightly different from the purchase price, because ASICs, like all material - may wear out. On average, resale losses range from 15%, depending on the market condition.
What about withdrawal of mined funds - feel free to withdraw it after your personal deposit become bigger than 0.005 BTC at least on 1 Satoshi. Withdrawals are semi -automated but blocked on weekends.

When we created BeMine.club, first of all we tried to think about our customers and the safety of their funds.

As ALREADY has shown, the most stable and secure way to make money on cryptocurrencies is Bitcoin mining. We sincerely believe that the trend will continue, but the market is constantly undergoing changes and it is possible that this opinion will be revised by adding mining equipment for altcoins.

Currently, the cornerstone for mining cryptocurrency is the cost of electricity. It is cheap electricity that allows you to save the liquidity of mining and make it for everyone.
However, due to the fact that the price of Bitcoin, hashrate and mining complexity are subject to significant fluctuations, the yield can be quite difficult to predict. In this regard, we offer our clients to use mining profitability calculators, of which there is more than enough on the Internet, and independently calculate the profitability of their machines.
Average rates of return depending on the specific equipment vary from 130% to 250% per annum at the current time.
Please remember that when calculating profitability it is necessary to take into account the cost of electricity and equipment maintenance, as well as the conversion of Bitcoin users into rubles to pay for electricity for data centers and for fiat payments.

When your equipment is installed, operating and serviced at BeMine.club, you are protected from breakdowns, malfunctions and other external factors affecting the course of mining.

Thus, BeMine.club guarantees its users 100% uptime, which can mean an uninterrupted cryptocurrency mining process, which means a systematic profit.

Of course, you can do it that way! However, then you will have to face a rather long list of additional "narrow" places, where both your profit and your initial possessions may be vulnerable, and nobody would like that. Here is a brief list of the main nuances that you need to keep in mind when you make an independent purchase, placement and maintenance of mining facilities:

- Self-purchase of equipment is not always easy and safe. First of all, you need to choose a retailer. Pay attention to the constituent documents of the retailer, if you make this operation. It would be much safer to make purchases from a trusted retailer with a 2+ year experience and a feedback base and regular customers.

- Often people have been slipped with used / miners or other models of miners. Before you pay for the equipment, carefully check the logs, as well as run your ASIK for at least 30 minutes, to make sure that it is able to consistently maintain the increased power. Also quite often, the suppliers, hoping for the client's illegibility, sell him another model of the miner. The differences between the same S9 (14.5) and S9i and S9 (13.5 TH / s) may not always be obvious, and an inexperienced user who, without noticing them, may find himself the owner of a knowingly unprofitable machine that has long been removed from the warranty.

- Shipping cost + customs expenses + VAT + commissions outbid. All this will affect the future payback of the project. That's why cloud mining was chosen - everything is already included in the price.

- The miners need to take care! Not only that miners consume electricity - in addition, they still produce a lot of heat and rustle like an average vacuum cleaner. And even having solved this problem, you have to be prepared for the fact that improper conditions and irregular maintenance of miners can lead to a speedy car breakdown, which means simple technology for you as an entrepreneur.

We currently accept bank cards like VISA and MASTERCARD, PM USD, Bitcoin and alts . A complete list of ways to purchase equipment can be seen on the main page of our landing page.

Please note that when paying via VISA and Mastercard, users may be provided with an installment payment or a loan, and also note that equipment purchased with VISA and MASTERCARD is subject to the inclusion of additional tax charges in the price.

Also, you need to go through the KYC procedure, in case you plan to purchase using these payment systems.

If you want to avoid such situations, use Bitcoin. If you want to buy Bitcoin for fiat funds, we provide exchange services RUB-BTC at the most current prices, or you can contact the cryptocurrency exchanges, such as LocalBitcoins or Bitfinex.

We make money by providing a website - service and turnkey services. No hidden fees or commissions. All our earnings are included in the cost of miners and electricity. Electricity fees include all costs associated with mining, including:
* the cost of electricity itself
* cooling
* maintenance work
* hosting services.
Electricity fees are included in your monthly payments, which are automatically deducted from your inked funds.
What about miracles - it happens every day, we are 100% sure it is!
How often will I receive information about earned money?
Payments for mining occur on a daily basis, but you will receive your payments only after they have been accumulated to a certain amount and after deducting the cost of electricity. Minimum payments for mining are set in order to avoid paying customers excessive fees for receiving small amounts in their wallets, as well as to maintain a stable of service.

Current contact details are always listed in the basement and site header. We are always happy to answer your questions during business hours from 10:00 to 20:00 GMT. Come to our regional offices, we are pleased to meet and are open for cooperation and exchange of experience!

Of course! Current models and prices for them are always displayed on the Main page, and the number of miners to buy is unlimited.

That is what it means!

The cloud mining market is overflowing with an offer to buy TERAHESH, instead of buying real equipment. This happens most often in order to lower the threshold of entry into the business for the client, and at the same time can be a good opportunity to conduct a "gray" business. A large number of cloud mining companies did not live to this day, not because the market fell, but because they were playing a dishonest game. An even greater number of such organizations dissolve into oblivion altogether, having abandoned all their users and left them forever without profit or money contributed.


In order to show the maximum transparency of our activities, we have introduced such an opportunity. In fact, users simply take the purchase of one miner together as well as the payment of related expenses. Please note that if there is a partial purchase of mining capacities, we cannot send you your ASIC due to the inseparability of the final product!

The best way is to read our blog bemine.club/blog or our socials.

Russia is literally an immense country! This can be said about the area and about our rich lands. The energy industry in Russia is well developed, and every year the amount of generated energy only grows. Largely due to hydroelectric power plants, about 1,300 billion kW / h are generated per year. However, the demand for electricity in the Russian Federation is small - the market is saturated with supply - so Russia became a country ready for large-scale mining and acquired a stress tolerance reserve in case of fluctuations in cryptocurrency rates.

In addition to cheap electricity, Russia can boast a convenient geographic location relative to the country of the miner's producer, China. Warm relations between our countries have become the main reason for reasonable prices for logistics services.